ADHD and Chiropractic Care

Achieving the bliss of both a sound mind and healthy spine go hand in hand under chiropractic care. Research has shown strong advancements in a patient’s progress for ADHD treatment. By utilizing chiropractic care and holistic remedies, harmful medications and stressful treatments can be avoided. An abnormality in the spine can affect the central nervous system; leading to developmental issues at an early age causing ADHD.   A thorough chiropractic examination can reveal noticeable spinal distortions and with a schedule of safe and natural chiropractic adjustments, these often resolve, reducing and nervous system tension.

What Symptoms Signify That My Child May Suffer from ADHD?

Each case is unique but generally those with a large role in a child’s life will notice:

  • An eagerness and lack of patience in the classroom, potentially disrupting other children
  • An inability to focus and concentrate on developmental or educational tasks
  • Low self-esteem issues developing towards the preteen years
  • Light signs of depression including mood swings
  • Lifestyle Changes That Can Improve ADHD Symptoms and Complement Chiropractic Treatment:
  • Avoiding harmful chemicals and unnatural products such as cleaning sprays, unnatural detergents and softeners and other household cleaning items
  • Transition to a natural, sustaining diet including greens and organically grown products; avoiding sugars, processed items and fast food.
  • A general routine and system that a child can grasp. This may include doing homework at a specific time each day or a set bedtime and wake up schedule.ADHD is traditionally treated in the health field with doses of medication that have chemical agents to shift the natural chemical imbalance causing the symptoms of ADHD. Generally patients are advised to seek regular treatment from a therapist in addition to a psychiatrist and a primary care physician.Chiropractic treatment of ADHD can assist in healing symptoms associated with the disorder. While it may not be a full solution, patients have noticed a benefit in overall general health and accompanying symptoms of ADHD. Chiropractors are committed to the care process and with daily treatments and adjustments. With the addition of holistic remedies and lifestyle changes results of treatment can enhance significantly.
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  • A Natural and Simple Treatment Approach to Healing ADHD
  • Common ADHD Treatment Techniques
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