Digital Radiography

In the past, chiropractic clinics were not able to benefit from the best x-ray technology. Sophisticated digital radiography machines were largely the prerogative of big medical centers with ample resources, and private practices had to make do with the older systems. Recent years have seen the digital machines gain steam, however, as they’ve fallen into the realm of affordability for many doctors of chiropractic. This is why we are proud to be able to offer such diagnostic technology to you at Life Chiropractic.

The advantages of digital x-ray systems are many, both to the doctor and to the patient. For us, it means more floor space and more resources. Old-fashioned imagers required full rooms to develop the x-ray pictures, while the digital images appear on a convenient computer screen within seconds. We can now store x-rays in easy-to-retrieve computer files, instead of cumbersome storage units. This leaves us with a simpler, more streamlined office that can be better devoted to serving our patients in a quick, efficient manner.

Digital images also allow for better diagnostic accuracy. When the x-ray appears on our screen, it can be manipulated in ways that the older images could not; we can change focus, magnify the image, and enhance it with differing contrast or densities. In this way we can catch things that would be difficult to register on an older x-ray. Patients are therefore subjected to fewer repeat x-rays, which adds up to significantly less exposure to radiation.

One of the most important new benefits that comes with digital technology is our increased ability to communicate with you, the patient. Communication between the doctor and the patient is one of the best ways to facilitate your recovery, and understanding your injury makes you all the more likely to avoid a similar injury in the future. With the instant digital imaging, we can immediately show you your x-ray, highlight the problem in a way you can understand, and even give you a copy to view on your own computer.

Digital diagnostics represents the future of chiropractic treatment, and it’s here for you today at Life Chiropractic. Put yourself in the right hands when the time comes, and we’ll give you the quick, easy, and safe diagnostic treatment you need and deserve.


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