Millions of people feel the negative effects of stress on a daily basis. Generally when we feel overwhelmed or overloaded with tasks, we use the term ‘stress’. Stress is essentially the feeling of pressure. Anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our wellbeing is a stress. The term ‘Stressors’ are agents or catalysts that cause the stress to occur. Symptoms usually include: rise in blood pressure, rapid breathing, rise in heart rate, muscle tension, anxiety amongst others.

Stress is somewhat normal, and at times can be proven helpful. It can motivate you to do your best and increase your productivity and concentration under pressure. However, although we all have suffered from it at one point or another, it should in no way or form be used as an excuse for physically debilitation.

Living with physical impairment due to stress, is a CHOICE. There are simple methods chiropractors do that can help these stress factors slowly eliminate themselves from your life.


It is important to learn how to recognize the state of your stress levels, and your stress triggers. New or heavy workload, unhappy in a particular area of your life, deadlines and other frustrations are natural causes of stress. A lot of people deal with stress so frequently; it has become a part of their everyday lives. This, however, can be avoided. Despite positive effects of some stress, overall it is having your mind and body pay an enormous price for [mostly] not enough rewards.

Warning signs and symptoms of stress include: memory problems, inability to concentrate, moodiness and irritability, agitation, depression, aches and pains, loss of sex drive, eating more or less, sleeping to much or too little, isolating yourself from others amongst others….

How we can help:

On a simple level, the spinal joints and surrounding muscles are strongly affected by stress. Neck muscles and joints are also affected, resulting many times in strong headaches. Chiropractic care helps eliminate spinal and muscular problems by removing any interference – allowing the body to heal itself properly and thus helping the way our bodies individually react to stress.

Chiropractic adjustments can significantly reduce stress, many say with even just one session. Applying pressure to manipulate your spinal cord has instantly made patients feel better. Chiropractors are also trained in nutritional and other therapies for stress. Combining various factors of chiropractic treatments (adjustments and the appropriate diet and exercise regimen) is sure to help keep your body free from the physical reactions of stress.


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