SHINE for Doctors: A Dr. Hallowell Protocol

In 2011, an exclusive certification course for chiropractors was designed by Dr. Ned Hallowell, a world renouned authority on ADHD. With his 30 years of experience, Dr. Hallowell has written 18 books,and has been the featured expert on many televisions shows (Oprah, Dr. Oz, 20/20) on the topic of ADD and ADHD. He has disseminated the knowledge gained from his experience to select chiropractors, and infused his effective approach to the management of ADD and ADHD traits with the benefits of neurologically- based chiropractic care. The specific protocol that has been developed is only offered through trained and certified SHINE Chiropractic clinics. Drs. Adam and Kendyl Pollenz have undergone extensive training with Dr. Hallowell and his team to be able to bring SHINE to the Santa Ynez Valley.

We decided to become a SHINE Center because we see too many children and adults with ADD and ADHD believing these traits will always have a negative effect on their life. This condition is also one of the most common reasons kids are on drugs today. When well-managed, the traits of ADD and ADHD contain many gifts and talents. Our goal is to see children using the traits of ADD/ADHD to theit advantage, breaking through limitations and barriers to reveal their amazing potential.

Our Unique Approach

We take a “strength-based model,” and view ADD/ADHD not as deficit or a disorder that needs to be masked or “fixed,” but rather a set of traits that can be viewed as a gift. The traits can be used for great success when the gifts of ADD/ADHD are unwrapped and a person’s potential revealed. Some of the most productive, successful and high-achieving people in the world have the traits of ADD/ADHD, but have learned to use these traits to their advantage, allowing their great potential to SHINE through. ADD/ADHD is not a condition to be “treated,” but an amazing potential that needs to be viewed in a positive light. Dr. Ned Hallowell says, “ADD is like having Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes.” An amazing race car brain has huge potential – our goal through SHINE is to help children better control the brakes. Can you imagine transforming one of the most significant challenges in life into one of the most profound opportunities for growth, success, and personal development? This is what SHINE has the potential to offer.


Dr. Hallowell Protocol’s

Neural Efficiency: The foundation for the SHINE approach is improving neural processing and brain and nerve system function. This is done through gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments based on advanced testing.

Neuro-Integrative Movements: These neurologic exercises are selected to help balance the brain and improve coordination of sensory information.

Metabolic Shift: Certain foods and additives have been found to have a negative effect on behavior and brain function. Throughout the program, we will provide guidance on avoiding these foods while enhancing nutrition for optimal program results.


Program Overview

Examination and Testing

We must first determine if your child is a candidate for our SHINE Protocol. We will provide an extensive health history packet to be filled out at home and brought to the SHINE Exam. Included in the exam will be thorough neurologic, chiropractic, orthopedic and sensory -neural integration testing. The outcome of this testing will determine candidacy for the protocol.

90-Day Protocol

Once accepted into the program, we will begin the 90-Day SHINE Protocol. The Protocol includes the following:

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic check-ups will be performed 3x per week. If subluxations are detected at these appointments, a chiropractic adjustment will also be done to restore neurological integrity to the nerve system.

Neurological Exercises

At each chiropractic visit, specific neurological exercises will be conducted with a trained SHINE instructor. These exercises are designed to help enhance neurologic function and balance.

Nutritional Modifications

Certain foods known to have a negative effect on brain function will be taken out of the diet. Guidance through this process will be provided, along with meal plans and recipes for foods to include in your child’s diet to make the process simpler.


Specific nutritional supplements, often found in deficit in a person’s system with ADD/ADHD will be used to enhance brain function and balance body chemistry.


At the mid-way point and conclusion of the program, testing is conducted to measure changes that have occurred. At the conclusion of the protocol, most patients choose to stay under care to maintain or continue improvements attained through successful completion of the program.

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