Back Pain and Chiropractic Care

Whether it’s a result of a labor intensive job, pregnancy, a wrong move at the gym or even just discomfort after a long day of working around the house, back pain is one of the first and most important signs signifying a problem that needs attention. Assessing back pain can be an intricate and lengthy process and each person will respond to chiropractic treatment differently. Spine manipulation techniques will be applied during treatment and results will be closely monitored overtime.

Fix the Problem, STOP Masking it.

  • Sure, taking an aspirin may solve the problem temporarily, but in the long term the pain will always be there and may develop into a significant problem.
  • Those who are wary about taking over the counter medications could resort to a short period of bed rest, which will make the patient feel better, but it isn’t a realistic long term treatment strategy for most people. In fact studies have shown the opposite can be more effective!
  • Some resort to more intense treatment plans that can involve body altering treatments including spinal surgery. A doctor may also prescribe serious pain medications that can become addictive and create a reliance.
  • Take Small Steps to Make a BIG Difference.
  • Chiropractic care offers a therapy system that manipulates joints to fix pressure and tension issues.
  • Your individual and unique care plan addresses the issue and will lead you to the best solution for back pain.
  • Treatment is often pain free and quick. Daily adjustments are the most common treatment for back pain and can be done in a quick office visit.
  • Treatments are non-invasive and don’t involve medications.
  • Many patients report feeling better than they had before they even had the back ailment.Call our office today if you are looking for an all-natural and non-invasive healthcare strategy to help with your back pain.
  • Seeing patients like yourself find a solution for back pain relief is the reason we work so hard to provide you with a strategy and care plan to fit your needs. The benefits of chiropractic work go beyond just temporary relief. A long term strategy and continuation of care ensures you’ll never be at the stage you were before care. Treatment results vary between patients and some may see more drastic results than others.
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